Safe Warehouse

Safe Storage Warehouse Services

When you are moving to a new city/ country, but haven’t decided where you are staying there & you want your goods to be kept in a warehouse for a few days. Hiring a relocation company that offers storage facilities is not a big deal, but hiring a genuine company that provides professional & reliable warehouse services is difficult. Don’t worry, Movizzy Packers and Movers provides trusted warehousing services.

We offer reliable storage warehousing services for your home, office, or corporate goods upon your request. We offer fully organized, spacious temperature-controlled storage space for short or long-term and charge you accordingly on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Movizzy Packers and Movers follow proper documentation procedures and also prepare a checklist to keep track of your stored items. We safely pack, label, and bar-code your belongings to ensure they don’t get misplaced. We use the latest equipment like swinging platforms, bunker discharge conveyors, etc., to safely load and unload at our warehouse. With the best security systems like temperature-controlled storage, 24/7 CCTV surveillance, fire alarms, experienced security guards, and so on, we ensure max safety of your goods.

Our Process for Warehouse Storage of Goods
  • Checklist: We prepare an inventory of your goods, as it helps us keep track of your goods stored in our storage space; we also provide you a copy of it. We cross-check with our inventory during pickup and delivery of your goods, to make sure none of your goods are missing.
  • Quality Packing: Our well-trained laborers skillfully pack all your belongings, using top-quality packaging materials like carton boxes, bubble wraps, inflatable airbags, edge guards, foam sheets, packing paper, etc., to ensure maximum safety of your household.
  • Timely Pickup: We offer on-time pick up of your goods at your doorstep. We safely load them using handling equipment like hand trucks, slide shifters, belt conveyors, dollies, ropes, straps, etc., and transport them in a suitable truck.
  • Insurance Coverage: We provide insurance coverage based on the declared value of your goods. If any goods get misplaced at our warehouse or are damaged during the transit, you can easily claim reimbursement.
  • Safe Storage: We safely unload all your goods, QR/ bar-code them with a unique identification code; then, we store them at our warehouse safely, as long as you require, and will be charged respectively.
  • Doorstep delivery: We deliver your belongings to your doorstep safely. We also cross-check with our checklist to make sure none of your goods are missing during delivery. Check if any goods are damaged or missing to claim compensation.
Advantages of Our Storage & Warehouse Facilities
  • We have spacious and well-maintained storage space: We have a temperature-controlled warehouse, which is spacious and completely organized. We sort out every customer’s goods and systematically arrange them in our storage space.
  • We ensure our storehouses have round-the-clock security: We have installed fire alarms, theft alarms, & 24/7 CCTV surveillance in and around our storage space for round-the-clock security. We ensure maximum safety of your goods with our well-maintained warehouse and proper security system.
  • We properly organize and store goods to avoid misplacement: We precisely pack and bar-code your belongings; with the unique code it’s easy to identify your goods and make sure it doesn’t get mixed up with other goods at the warehouse. We neatly organize every customer’s goods in such a way that it doesn’t get misplaced.
  • We provide insurance for all stored household/commercial goods: We provide insurance coverage for your goods so that if there is any damage caused to your belongings due to unexpected accidents like fire and so on, you can claim reimbursement.
  • We use best equipment for loading & unloading items from stored spaces: We use modern equipment like distributing clutches, ramps, bunker discharge conveyors, swinging platforms, etc., for smooth and secure loading, unloading, and storing your goods at the storage space.
We offer you a well-furnished and secure storage facility to store your goods, either for short or long distances, at a reasonable price.